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Maximize Plant Efficiency and Reduce Costs with Performance Testing

Performance testing (PT) is an essential tool for optimizing gas turbine performance and ensuring the overall efficiency and profitability of power plants. By identifying any deviations from the optimal operating point, PT helps to maximize power output, reduce plant emissions, and minimize operating costs.

Gas turbine manufacturers provide optimal operating parameters, including maximum allowable power output and maximum efficiency. However, over time, various factors such as aging, major overhauls, equipment failures, or improper tuning can lead to deviations from these optimal conditions.

Operating below the optimal point results in reduced power output and consequently lower revenue. Conversely, operating above the optimal point accelerates wear and tear, leading to premature equipment failure.

Performance testing measures key gas turbine parameters, including power output, fuel consumption, outlet temperature, and compressor pressure. These measurements, along with thermodynamic calculations, provide insights into the turbine’s inlet temperature and inlet air mass flow.

If these calculated values deviate from the nominal values, a specialized team can identify and rectify the underlying causes. This corrective action restores the turbine’s operation to the desired operating point.

Our company has extensive experience in conducting performance tests (PG tests) at large-scale power plants over the past 15 years. We have a proven track record of success, with a multitude of satisfied clients.

To demonstrate the power output and efficiency improvements that can be achieved through PT, we are offering one complimentary PG test for your designated power plant.

Contact us today to schedule your free performance test and experience the benefits of optimized gas turbine operation.

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